KKP Logistik is a sister company of KKP Adviser & Produktion A/S registered in Denmark which develops its business activities in Czech republic since 1993. KKP Logistik s.r.o. has 3 employees that are responsible for quality control of machinary products, negotiatons with suppliers and organisation of transport. The products are transported to Denmark every week, usually by trucks. We are also responsible for loading of the goods and its packing which results in high quality distribution in Denmark.

We receive technical documentation for all orders from our office in Denmark and we distribute it to our suppliers. We solve any questions from our suppliers in cooperation with our colleagues in Denmark.
The logistics
include activities designed to ensure that the right quantity of the right goods with the right quality parameters will be at the right place in the right time and at the right cost.
The machinery

is probably the best known technical branch that includes wide range of products from the most detailed car parts to aircrafts, machine tools or ships.
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